The activity of transmitting information or resources such as images, documents or system programs, contacts etc can be performed through files sharing. You may require transferring the info from device to device either in business or social set up. At this juncture, you may have to resort to apps that allow file sharing. Though Bluetooth performs such info transfer activity, it is slow in its performance.

Today, there are many apps available to transfer the files. Read the following to know about one such application in detail.


SHAREit is an app designed to perform file transfer. The speed at which it transfers the files to devices is relatively higher than that of Bluetooth. SHAREit app offers a connection with other devices on a secure mode. When files are transferred through USB drives, they pose a security threat to the information that could be overcome by using SHAREit. The wi-fi direct method is employed while developing the SHAREit app to ensure that it offers a safe environment.

The size of SHAREit app is 20.88 MB for android devices and it is 77.1 MB for iOS devices. SHAREit, along with performing file transfer, it is serving as a means of entertainment by working in alliance with digital services of entertainment. SHAREit has bagged a place in the list of top 10 apps that are most downloaded. The app is available on Google Play Store.

SHAREit's logoSHAREit is a widely chosen option by the users all around the world for its distinct features of being fast and sharing the content on a secure mode. The app is absolutely free and do not need any internet connection to operate. The app is popular for its compatibility on various operating systems. It relieves you from the worry of considering the size of the document while transferring. The app is meant for both sending of files as well as receiving the files.

The app manages to make a connection directly with the device to or from which the files are transferred. The device would establish a hotspot to which the other devices have to get connected. Therefore, a hotspot would be created to transfer data.

SHAREit app for PC lets you to add your friends. The app supports all sorts of messaging on a secure interface. You can sync your contacts through the app. Installing SHAREit on PC lets you to share or transfer files between PC and other gadgets that you wish. The app is accompanied with utility app too.

What makes it special – Features of SHAREit

  • Quick transfer of files. Contents with fairly large size could also be transferred within a span of few seconds easily.
  • Secure connection. The files that are being transferred are directly saved onto the device to ensure security. The files are never saved on cloud storage.
  • The app supports the transfer of files of almost all formats.
  • The app is available in a large number of languages offering convenience to users across the globe.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • High degree of compatibility with various devices like iOS, android, tabs, Mac and with a range of OS versions as well. Hence, the app lends its support on multiple platforms.
  • It allows you to share the apps with your friends that are installed on your device.
  • High performance video player. The video plays smoothly with high definition. Majority of the formats are supported.
  • Music player that comes with extraordinary equalizer giving a great experience.
  • Unlimited range of videos as well as music that play both online and offline.
  • Transferring of files is done by creating a temporary hotspot. No requirement of internet connection.

How to get SHAREit on PC and Mac

SHAREit app is officially available for PC. The PC version of SHAREit supports the app to work well on Window XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1,10. The app assists you in sharing the files from one gadget to other gadget at an incredible speed of 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Well designed to support various file formats on PC. Sharing of apps is possible too. To get benefit out of this app, you simply need to download and install SHAREit on your PC. Now start exploring exciting features on your PC or Mac.

Note: With official version being available for PC, there is no need to use android emulator to simulate android setup on your PC. In case you want to download the mobile version on PC, check below.

SHAREit – Features on PC

SHAREit, inspite of its high speed of file transfer never compromises with the quality of the file on PC. The maximum possible speed of file transfer by SHAREit on PC is 20 MB/s. The app is equipped with inbuilt media player to provide entertainment to its users through exciting videos and audios that could be played not only online but also offline. You are facilitated to log in to SHAREit app by using your phone number too as per your comfort.

Download SHAREit and install it for PC

  • Download SHAREit exe file.
  • This file is compatible with almost any Windows version.
  • Locate the downloaded exe file of SHAREit on your PC and run the file.
    SHAREit setup for pc
  • Confirm the popup and install the app on your PC. The process is just similar to installing any software on your PC.
  • Give your credentials and sign up by creating an account to enjoy the features of SHAREit on your PC.
    SHAREit on PC

To use SHAREit for Mac, you are supposed to download DMG file intended for MacOS. The app requires MacOS version 10.0 or even higher.

How to download SHAREit on android devices?

SHAREiton AndroidSHAREit app is officially available for android devices. The app can be directly downloaded from Google Play Store. Post download, install the app on to your android device to meet all your file sharing demands on the go.

You can otherwise download APK file of SHAREit app on to your android. Prior to this, ensure that you enable the app from unknown sources in your device settings to let the installation of SHAREit. Proceed with the installation and then click on done. Thus the app is successfully installed on your android device.

Requirements of android device for running SHAREit

  • App supports android device that runs on Android version 4.1 or higher versions.
  • The minimum RAM of your device must be 1 GB.

SHAREit for iOS devices

SHAREit on iOSSHAREit version is officially available for iOS devices. The app could be directly downloaded from iTunes. Requirements to use SHAREit on iOS devices is version iOS 9.0 or higher versions. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

SHAREit- Is it available for any other OS?
The SHAREit app is available in official versions for android devices, iOS, Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 10, MacOS as well.

SHAREit premium version
SHAREit app is completely free of cost and there is no premium version.

Alternatives of SHAREit

  • Zapya: Zapya This is one of the widely chosen app for file transfer between any platforms within no time. It is a perfect tool to transfer huge data between the devices. It has an easy to use interface without any need of internet. The file transfer app works at greater speeds fetching extra points on par with other apps. Thus, one of the best SHAREit alternatives. The app functions in various languages. It works on android devices, iOS devices, Mac and Windows.
  • TeamViewer: TeamViewer it serves as the best app that comes with sophisticated features with great compatibility to work on various operating systems. You can transfer the files remotely by using this app. Superior performance with user-friendly setup. The app allows screen sharing. The app is available for android, iOS devices, Mac etc.
  • Xender: Xender Xender is a famous file sharing tool.
    Sharing files occurs instantly on multiple platforms.
    The performance is fairly quick and efficient.
  • SilFer: SilFer The app operates on multiple platforms with an user-friendly interface. File transfer is made simple on PC as the app is available in web version. The transfer of files could be done through wi-fi, wi-fi direct. Unlike other apps, the file could be transferred to more than two devices simultaneously.
  • Feem: Feem The file transfer could be done between the devices that shares same wi-fi.
    The app allows you to create a hotspot. The app operates and supports iOS devices, Windows 10, Mac.
  • Superbeam: Superbeam This is a popular file sharing app that works similar to SHAREit. The app uses wi-fi direct mechanism at optimum speed to transfer files between various gadgets. Furthermore, it offers support to share in multiple channels. Official version is available for android, Mac, Linux, MacOS etc.
  • Send Anywhere: Send Anywhere The app performs the function of file transfer using peer to peer connection. File transferring is completely free from cloud storage. This ensures the data security. There is no limitation on the number of files that could be shared. Syncing the devices is very simple process. The file transfer is very fast as it avoids the cloud storage. Optimum security as that of SHAREit.

Pros of SHAREit:

  • Large sized files could be transferred with ease.
  • Cross platform is a biggest benefit of the app. Excellent functionality even if it is transferring of files between gadgets that are working on various operating systems.
  • Avoids the fuss of wires or cables.
  • Multiple files can be transferred to many devices at once.
  • The devices that work on app are detected automatically if they are within the range. Hence, pairing process is made simple.
  • Leakage of information or security of data is not an issue of concern. The app avoids cloud storage and hence it is less vulnerable to usual threats.
  • The app helps you to save the internet charges.
  • The sharing of files comes without any loss in the actual quality.
  • Avoids installation of video player to view the files.


  • Being a free app, the advertisements would pop up while using the app.
  • The detection of devices is dependent on the range.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about SHAREit

SHAREit on mobile

  • What is the purpose of SHAREit app?
    SHAREit is an application meant for data transfer between any two devices.
  • On which OS SHAREit app would run?
    SHAREit app is officially available for android devices, any Windows OS or iOS devices.
  • What is the size limitation that could be shared using the app?
    No. Files that are very big in size may take a bit longer than those of normal files during file sharing.
  • Is it possible to invite friends to use SHAREit app with me?
    Yes. There is an option ‘invite friends’ in the app itself. Clicking on that link would send your friends an email consisting of SHAREit app download link.
  • Can I transfer the resources between two devices that are operating on different OS?
    Yes. You can transfer the files between the devices working on different OS as it does not effect the functionality of the app.
  • Is it possible for other users of SHAREit to connect with my device to transfer the files without my consent?
    No. You have to approve their invitation to connect, prior transferring the data to your device.
  • Do I need an active internet connection to share the files to other devices?
    No. You are supposed to connect to the wi-fi radio of your device.
  • Is it possible to share a complete folder at a single go?
    Yes. Select the folder that you chose to send in the file browser and click ‘select’ option.
  • How can I update my app?
    The app is automated to check frequently for any latest updates available.


SHAREit is deemed as world’s fastest means to transfer files across the gadgets so far. This comes handy and is recommended to users who transfer large sized files from one device to other. It offers a smooth interface on a wide range of devices. The app does not face any restrictions from the system. With all the best features, SHAREit is a perfect tool for sharing files on cross platform with best speeds without active net connectivity. With outstanding performance, the app is highly recommended for those people who do a lot of file sharing activity.